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Ever wondered what culture is, or how it came about?

This website presents the results after being emersed in various cultures for over 30 years, backpacking, professional, tourist and as an emigrant. Only after living for nearly a decade in Norway, finally an impression emerged how culture evolves over time.

We build on Geert Hofstede and Fons Trompenaars' work and were inspired by many other authors expressing their insights in word, image and voice.


Fundamental to our work is understanding where questions derive from. By continuously asking and remaking questions we reached the core of culture and understood how cultural developers shape it. These cultural developers are visible in the CQ method download.

Looking back at how we reached this cultural core, we managed to create the Culture Questioned or CQ method. We used the Socratic method, named after the Greek philosopher Socrates, to connect the disciplines required to understand a culture in depth.

This led to extending the general definition of culture clarifying what culture is and how it persists. Getting a better understanding of culture can prevent many conflicts at personal, regional and global level.


Creating a better, more peaceful and fulfilling life for everyone is our ultimate goal.



The Author

“Preventing history from repeating itself, is done by asking questions”

Freark de Vries

Translated Fredrik the Frisian

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