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  • Fredrik the Frisian

Shift your mindset to align with the emerging digital age

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

By now, January 2022, it is clear the world is facing multiple crisis, developing fast and impacting each other. People are losing their faith in governments, science, media and worse, in each other.

In addition, the continuous breakthrough and use of new technology impact every aspect of our lives & society, causing massive changes adding to the uncertainty.

Making consious choices creating the digital future

These crises and the technological advances cannot be stopped. We as humanity, must try to understand these changes and how to guide their impact in a direction we approve of.

The emerging crises and the impact of new technology causes a so-called paradigm shift. During a paradigm shift you leave a known way of life and enter a new life in a new society. This future is not clear nor defined, it is how we create it. The choices of every individual counts.

Contribution to the design of the digital future is the responsibility of every individual human. How exactly this future will take shape is done by dialogue, asking questions and progressive insights.

When enough people start asking questions and learn where their questions come from, a dialogue between the many camps can be restored. Because all camps move irreversible towards the digital future, so better to join forces and collaborate.

This initiative aims to help people to take a step back and contemplate where their questions come from. Each type of question comes from the evolutionary stages humans went through, each stage creating another behavioural layer.

We have to acknowledge and overcome our evolutionary behaviour for the first time in history to guide this paradigm shift towards a digital future you approve of.

This requires a “Revolution of the mind” and is the only revolution we need.

Future blogs give insights about topics relevant to understand in which direction societies are moving and why, ... by Asking Questions.

Kind regards,

Fredrik the Frisian



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