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Our Cultural Decoding core is consisted of 9 (Nine) audio recordings, produced in a podcast approach. These recordings provide a highly concentrated overview of what Cultural is and how Cultural Education can personally help you in mastering your life.


Fredrik & Kristian address how things are today, why they are the way they are, why they don’t have to be this way & how can you change them. They also describe how Culture was developed over time and how we contribute to its preservation.


Through this educational material, we aim to provide you with the foundations you need, in order to build your own skillset in the quest of finding out how you are doing things, understanding why you are doing things the way you do and finally deciding, whether these ways serve you or the others around you. Then, we will be able to take you take you further on this journey, through our Cultural Education sessions.


We offer this service, because Cultural Education has the unique ability to grow hand-in-hand with you. Its foundation lays between the subjectivity of a friend and the objectivity of a psychologist. When psychologists try to explain your behaviour and while friends try to support you, a Cultural Educator offers you the opportunity to explain your reality, give meaning to it and finally, support your own self. Therefore, all the differences of psychologists and friends Vs. Cultural Educators are a matter of the passive learning procedure in use Vs. the active learning procedure in use.


Together we can strengthen your identity and deepen your ability in understanding the people & the world around you. Your new skills will include active listening, line reading, logic, empathy, common sense, social translation and of course, emotional intelligence. Out of these skills, the most crucial one is Social Translation, due to its ability to bridge the chasm between you and rest of the world. The importance of Social Translation in our daily life and our personal relationships has been greatly portrayed by Sofia’s Coppola movie “Lost In Translation“, as well as Alanis Morrissette song “Hands Clean”.

Podcast - Cultural Education

Podcast - Cultural education


Podcast - Culture in action!

Podcast - Culture in action!

INtroduction from Kristian

Podcast - Culture .........

Introduction Fredrik

Podcast - Culture .....
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